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Skincare Regimen

Are you overwhelmed with the vast array of skincare products available on the market and need expert guidance to create a skincare regimen that fits your skin type? Get access to medical grade skincare and a personalized regimen without the hassle.

Dr. David has partnered with RegimenPro to offer a hand curated collection of high quality, physician approved skincare products for her patients. RegiemnPro is a premium online skincare store that offers only the very best in medical grade cosmeceutical products (not available over the counter).  These are the products dermatologists personally use and highly recommend.

What makes medical grade skincare special?

Most over the counter skincare products have active ingredients that go into the bottle but by the time you apply them to your skin, they just sit on the surface. Medical grade products are highly active and designed to penetrate deep into your skin to effect positive changes on a cellular level. This ensures that you will visibly see and feel improvement in your skin within weeks.

With Dr. David, you can plan a home care regimen that will target specific concerns and safely incorporate them into your prescription regimen.

Schedule a regimen review

  1. Sign up for a video visit – Download the Skin App, register as a patient and then schedule your video visit.
  2. Discuss your skin’s need and goals – During your video visit you’ll discuss your skin issues and define your skincare goals with your dermatologist
  3. Receive your regimen – Your dermatologist will tailor a custom regimen for you using high-quality medical grade products and grant you access into RegimenPro. Your products will be shipped directly to your home! You also have the option to discuss your current favorite products and ow to safely incorporate them into your prescription regimen.

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